Saturday, 13 February 2016

Temperature Blanket - January 2016

I've finally managed to catch up enough to show you all the start of my 2016 Temerature Blanket!

Since I'm only changing colours in 5 degree intervals and live in rainy old Northumberland, I haven't got that much of a colour change for this month, but I did manage to stick in a couple of different stitches for a snow day and a heavy rain day. Please hurry up spring so I can change colours!

Can't wait to see how everyone elses are turning out and to see the differences from all around the world.


  1. Rachel, I love the colours you chose for your blanket. Did you finish it hunny? Would love to see a photo of possible please. Xx

    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply I've been super busy with my Degree work. Unfortunately I'm still working on it due to uni work but will hopefully be finished soon! I'll be posting about my progress in my next break x